Crystal Meth


What exactly is Crystal Meth:
It is just a crystalline kind of methamphetamine having white color. It is usually inhaled, injected into the veins or may be smoked. Widely used route is the inhalation with the nose. Some may choose to be injected into the blood together with the needle while some can take it orally. This drug produces a false a feeling of euphoria, well-being, energetic and enhancement of activeness. Euphoria will be the state in which a person feels intense excitement and happiness. Normally the aftereffect of the drug lasts from 4 to 6 hours but can also last A day will depend on your one’s body. It’s also for this decreased appetite. – methamphetamine addiction

Outcomes of Crystal Meth at Low Doses:
The moderate or therapeutic dose is used in health conditions like attention disorders (including attention deficit hyperactivity disorders) and insomnia issues (narcolepsy). Some of the associated features are shown below:
�    Poor appetite
�    Duration with the effect is between 3 or 4 hours.
�    Tachycardia ( Rapid heartbeat)
�    Tachypnea (Rapid breathing)
�    High blood pressure level (hypertension)
�    More than usual blood sugar levels level.
�    Mydriasis ( dilation in the pupil)
�    It cause dilatation of some while constriction of other vessels.
Outcomes of Crystal Meth at High Doses:
�    Hypervigilance.
�    Increased alertness.
�    Fever
�    Excessive sweating
�    Mild headache
�    Vision disturbance
�    Intense excitement
�    Restlessness
�    Dizziness
�    Quick response time

At even higher doses:

You could experience following symptoms due to hyperstimulation in the Central Nervous Symptoms.

�    Anxiety
�    Restlessness
�    Insomnia ( difficulty in falling and/or staying asleep)
�    Rapid heart may cause irregular rhythm in the heartbeat.
�    Shaking movements from the hand or some other area of the body. Also called tremors.
�    Aggressive and violent behavior
�    Loss of coordination
�    Flushed face

Dangerously higher doses:
�    Loss of orientation
�    Confusion
�    Hallucinations (perception even without the external stimulus)
�    Delusions
�    Anti-social and violent behavior
�    Rapid heartbeat could potentially cause palpitations
�    Abdominal pain
�    Frequent spells of dizziness
�    Extreme restlessness
�    Involuntary purposeless movements. – methamphetamine addiction

Crystal Meth